Tytovision products are as smart as human. Learn about city problems, traffic causes and identify traffic violations with artificial intelligence algorithms.

What is Tyto ?

Tyto is one of the most widespread of all birds. Tyto birds distinguish from all flying animals by having strong both day and night vision like we do !

As producers of the next generation traffic management systems and police officers, our profession is visualizing the moment.

Be ready for the future !


We live in a huge world of 510.100.000 km². To keep this world in order, The United Nations (UN) has a total of 193 countries, totaling 4416 cities. These cities are divided into sub-management units.

Despite all this organization various problems are constantly encountered during the day. We aim to ensure that municipalities can learn about current problems related to their cities. Our biggest passion is to solve the problems caused by traffic.



For municipalities

Get to know your city. Keep updated know what’s going on in your city.

Keep track of all the problems of your city instantly. Find out about problems with roads, traffic lights, traffic signs instantly.

Learn instantly the local traffic causes and the most accurate solutions. Moreover, you do not need to run additional staff for them. Let me tell you everything aiT -m.

ait -m, which is the biggest helper of municipalities in city management, makes images meaningful by artificial intelligence algorithms. Identifies deficiencies and problems. It reports to you. A faster solution to traffic!



For city administration

Dominate your city. Increase control for safer roads.

We know, traffic violations are one of your biggest problems. Cities are more safer now with the artificial intelligence police of the future aiT –o.

aiT-o is a device that recognizes traffic violations like human brains. Moreover, it can be mounted on any vehicle. aiT-o is able to detect violations even with non-specialized instruments for the detection of violations, reducing both the loss of life and property and decreasing the waiting times in traffic. No need for special application required just plug and learn violations .

First in the world! aiT-o will be the biggest helper of city managers who will be able to detect even the most violent traffic violations. aiT-o will be able to detect all traffic violations with a single device.


Our Awesome Team

Muhammed Mirza Özdil

Co-founder & CEO

Senior Mechanical Engineering student at Istanbul Technical University

Cankat İnal

Co-founder & COO

Electronical and Electronics Engineer graduated from Bilkent University
Postgraduated in University of Survey

Ahmet Melik Daye


Electrical and Electronics Engineer graduated from İstanbul Şehir University
Postgraduate in İstanbul Medipol University

Can Üner

Computer Vision Engineer

Electronical and Electronics Engineer graduated from Bilkent University
Postgraduated in Northeastern University

Enes Boynukalın

Hardware Engineer

Junior Computer Engineer at Istanbul Technical Universtiy


If you consider participating and being a member of our awesome team please send an e-mail to career@tytovision.com including your CV and cover letter !

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